How to Apply

BC Provincial Nominee Program – Entrepreneur Immigration Regional Program

The LCIC is managing the application process for the BC PNP Entrepreneur Immigration Regional Program in Trail and Rossland. The full details on applicant criteria for this program can be found here (Application Criteria). The application for Trail and Rossland is as follows:


–Step 1–

Determine whether your proposed business falls into the selected priority sectors for either Trail or Rossland.


2361 – Residential building construction
2362 – Non-residential building construction
7211 – Traveller accommodation
7223 – Special food services
7224 – Drinking places (alcoholic beverages)
7225 – Full-service restaurants and limited-service eating places
5182 – Computing infrastructure providers, data processing, web hosting, and related services
3219 – Other wood product manufacturing
3329 – Other fabricated metal product manufacturing

Population: 4,096


4181 – Recyclable material merchant wholesalers
3313 – Alumina and aluminum production and processing
3314 – Non-ferrous metal (except aluminum) production and processing
3315 – Foundries
5182 – Data processing, hosting, and related services
5191 – Other information services
2361 – Residential building construction
2362 – Non-residential building construction

Population: 8,250

If your proposed business does not fall into one of these priority sectors, then you are not eligible to apply in Trail or Rossland.


–Step 2–

If your proposed business falls into one of the priority sectors, you must fill out our application survey for the city you are applying to.




–Step 3–

*Do not skip this step… Your application will not be reviewed

Send us your proposed business plan and your CV. Use this TEMPLATE for your business plan proposal.

Use the document submission form below or Email the completed document(s) to


–Step 4–

LCIC staff will review your completed survey, CV and proposed business plan. If these are approved you will be contacted to arrange a video call interview to discuss your business plan in greater detail.

*If your interview is satisfactory, we will send you a letter of invitation for a site visit.

Questions? Please contact us!

*Document Submission Form*

Upload required documents

(proposed business plan and CV)

Thank you to all our stakeholders for your ongoing support!


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