Thriving Communities!

This initiative won an award in 2015 from the BCEDA for Best Marketing Initiative (Population under 20,000). When it comes to attracting new residents and investors, local residents can become the best ambassadors for promoting their community.  The regional economic development office launched a marketing campaign to teach residents about local economic drivers and good news stories.  This foundation of knowledge and confidence has encouraged new residents and investors to consider the region as the choice for lifestyle and investment.

Foreign Direct Investment Strategy

This was where Metal Tech Alley began! We created a plan to leverage our communities’ best assets to attract investment that enhances our region’s industry. For more information on Metal Tech Alley visit

ICE2021 is a business imperative for any industrial manufacturer that wants to remain competitive domestically and globally, shrink their environmental footprint and create value throughout the product life cycle. Join innovators, entrepreneurs and business leaders at ICE2021, a unique gathering where you’ll build global connections, transfer knowledge, explore opportunities, create new partnerships and experience, firsthand, an Industrial Circular Economy in action.

MTA Professionals Project

We are dedicated to showcasing the talent and expertise in Metal Tech Alley. We interview business owners and professionals about their careers, businesses and why they have chosen to live in Metal Tech Alley. Interviews are curated and paired with stunning media for advertising on our website as well as social media. This raises awareness of Metal Tech Alley locally and is an important part of workforce and business attraction. Check out the MTA Professionals page.

Capstone Project

Connecting today’s youth with opportunities to learn more about the careers they are passionate about by matching them with dedicated mentors in the local community.

Local Supply Chain and Cluster Analysis

It is essential for economic developers to have a solid understanding of the local supply chain in order to best serve business needs. This project will cover data collection on the forestry and metallurgy industries’ supply chains including inputs, outputs, wastes, and by-products. The outcome will be substantial knowledge increase on where supply chain gaps exist as well as opportunities for new developments.

Imagine Kootenay

Imagine Kootenay is a collaboration success story! The LCIC participates and supports this Kootenay-wide program. The LCIC worked closely with Community Futures Central Kootenay to create a Kootenay-wide branding initiative which can showcase our spectacular lifestyle, beautiful communities, and investment and employment opportunities. The brand is still going strong today!…Visit Imagine Kootenay

Thank you to all our stakeholders for your ongoing support!